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Seminar: «Seismicity assessment on the NPP sites»

SD «Scientific and Technical Center» NNEGC «Energoatom» in partnership with «Engineering Company «Atom-Energo-Project» LLC held a seminar on seismicity assessment on the NPP sites.

The venue was the Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Operation Support.

Managers and engineers of many enterprises and institutes, such as SD ZNPP, SD RNPP, SD KNPP, SD SUNPP, Institute of Geophysics of the Subbotin, NASU, KIEP, KHIEP, KIERSE, SSTC NRS, SNRIU, Pridnestrovian State Academy of Construction and Architecture, «FundamentStroyMaks» LLC, G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were present at a seminar.

In the speech he focused attention of listeners on importance of an assessment of seismicity of platforms of the nuclear power plant and presented to listeners of participants of a seminar.

The opening remarks were Serebriakov Gleb Valentinovich - Executive Director of «EC «AEP» LLC. In his speech, he drew attention to the auditory on the importance of seismicity assessment on the NPP sites and presented to the auditory members of the seminar.

At the beginning of a seminar Dr. Paul Rizzo - President «Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.» Ph.D., IAEA expert, multiple winner of the All-American competition on the Best Project in energy and civil construction made a report.

In recent years under the leadership of Paul Rizzo was carried out works on justification of the seismicity areas of new nuclear power plants in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Poland and other countries. Currently the works are carry out by the NPP Akkuyu for the two VVER-1200 under the contract with Russia www.rizzoassoc.com

The theme of his report was: «Seismic NPP sites in general and in the annex to the Ukraine, and Fukushima and Kashiwazaki's Lessons, the NPP Stress Tests».

Domestic scientists appeared on seismic safety in the second half of the day.

After that sounded mutual questions to opponents, discussion of the situation at the nuclear power plant in Ukraine - the current status and plans, as well as an analysis of these reports.

The second day of the seminar began with a presentation by John Stevenson - President «Stevenson Consulting», Ph.D., an expert and co-author a number of the IAEA standards, the chairman of the Scientific Council of the IAEA on the seismic and dynamic special effects, an honorary member of the ASME and ASCE, the head of the working groups on NPP containment design, NPP seismic stability and the development of relevant standards, one of the founders of the methodology of protection of special nuclear dynamic effects, participant in the creation of procedures GIP/SQUG.

He made the report on «IAEA recommendations on justification for stability to seismic impacts of existing nuclear facilities, the design history and application of GIP method».

The second speaker of the day was Viktor Kostarev – President of «CKTI-VIBROSEISM» Ltd. (Russian Federation), expert and member of the Scientific Board of the IAEA ISSC, a member of the Committee for Nuclear Standards ASME.

The theme of his report was: «Comparison of Standards RNAE and ASME Code as an example of seismic justification for equipment and pipelines of the first circuit of the NPP with WWER reactors».

Upon completion of speeches, a number of questions and plans for the future were summed up a seminar.

You can download:

  1. Report by Paul Rizzo
  2. Report by John Stevenson
  3. Report by Victor Kostarev